February 19th, 2010

My Love

What Arashi means to me !!!

Arashi songs can recharge my energy when I feel so tried and having stress from day-to-day working in stiff business world presently.
By watching the boys in every Arashi shows like AnS, HnA and VS Arashi make me feel young at heart. My world at that moment so rosy regardless of not understanding any Japanese word. My life is full of fun as Arashi are being my entertainer. They always enjoy what they do. So I feel the enjoyment they create can be transfer to me as I watch it too. With English subbed it makes me more understand how nice and how cool the boys are. That why I really in love with ARASHI.

Thanks a MILLION to the generosity of Fan-girl who work so hard on all translations and subbing clips. I Love U.......
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