My Love

Be Touched by Happiness.......

"Special People Brighten our days
and Bring us Joy in Countless ways"
@@@ And these special people are......
YOU and ARASHI-san @@@

Hope your special day is prosperous for you,
And all your tomorrows are even more wonderful.

Happy 28th Birthday ....Sho-chan!!!

My Love

Year 2010 - Be Another Great Year For All ARASHI Fan

Just got some magazines the day before yesterday from for my last order of the year 2009. Thought this picture was from duet 01/2010. So I decide to put it here in my journal as I want to Thank you for the generosity of all fangirl in LJ communities that always share Arashi files to me.
Thanks so much for your Kindness.
Have A Happy Health Wealth New Year!
My Love

Happy 14th Anniversary to Sho-kun

Happy 14th Anniversary to Sho- kun _the brightest guy in ARASHI.

And Thank you for the kindness of ARASHI's Fan-girl who always provide photos, files, clips and information, It make 52th year-old lady in love with ARASHI more and more (especially Sho-kun) and want to get 20 years younger. Life are full of happiness when watch ATASHI's activities.
Highly appreciated all Fan-girls.
My Love

Since it is ARASHI's 10th Year Anniversary

        I'm posting my LJ for the first in my life today cause it is ARASHI's 10th Year Anniversary  so I do something that I never think I'll do it before.  I wonder why at my age (which could be called a Golden Age) I'm still crazy at this group of 5 boys like this.  Can listen to ARASHI's songs everyday.  Keep on buying ARASHI singles and albums starting from Step and Go by mail orders (which I used to hate this method) since there is no distribution agency in my country.  Anyhow, I decide to continue support them.  Believe that ARASHI will last for long long .... t and produce more quality performances for all fan around the world.  They're not the best group in term of voices but it is a perfect combination of theirs voices in ARASHI's songs that make me addict to.  
        And with the generosity of Fan-girls in this LJ Community, I be able to watch lots of ARASHI's TV shows with and without English sub., read lots of interviews that were translated. So I now fall deeply in love with ARASHI.   
         Thanks you for all the kindness of the Fan-girls who sharing those material. Love Love for You!!!

Congratulations! to The Perfect 5 
Your Hard Working to Gain Present Talents
on this
10th Year Anniversary

 P.S : Still cannot post the picture, will try again later.